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We’re really excited to introduce JumpCam, a mobile app that lets you create collaborative videos with your friends. Just start a video and invite others to add their own clips. JumpCam instantly stitches everything together into a single polished movie.

We built JumpCam because we noticed that people often shoot videos in the same place and time, but can’t easily link them together. Whether you’re at a wedding, concert, or live event, chances are you aren’t the only person filming. With JumpCam, it’s super simple for everyone to drop their favorite moments into one video that will be more compelling than just one person’s perspective.

JumpCam is designed to give videomakers as much control as possible:

  • Define the look, feel, and sound of your video with filters and soundtracks

  • Drag and drop to rearrange clips into the perfect story arc

  • Grab existing video from your library and trim to the best moments

Collaborative videos are dynamic by nature, but we’ve extended JumpCam’s potential into our technology by working in the cloud. Any changes you make to a video will automatically update everywhere you’ve embedded or shared it. (For perfectionists, this means you can edit and update a video even after it’s published.)

We’ve loved watching all of the inventive new ways that people are already collaborating. In our beta test, we’ve seen:

  • Comedians riff with friends from thousands of miles away

  • Girls in the Philippines teaching dance moves to new friends in the United States

  • A band completely crowdsource a music video with clips from fans

…and so much more. We’ve embedded a few of our favorite videos below:

With our launch today free in the App Store (and on Google Play soon), we’re looking forward to seeing your collaborative movies. You can also learn more about us, see our FAQs, and check out some more great videos.

See you on JumpCam!


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